Knowing I'm creating images that will be cherished for a lifetime and more is an honor.

Thank you to all my clients for the opportunity to document your memories so you can share them with future generations to come. 





Churches to Beaches - I'll capture the moments, from posed images to the candid moments between family and friends.

With a background in fashion photography, I'm always looking for a different angle - I'm addicted to diagonals!  I also have a slight obsession with silhouettes right now.  But what's more romantic than loving embraces and deep shadows? 

I'll get all your pinterest worthy poses in a quick and painless way.  Then I'll take a step back so I can catch those genuine moments that happen between family and friends in such a fun environment while you enjoy the day.


First comes love, then comes engagement.  After the wedding, comes way more - maternity, newborn, holiday cards...

We'll meet in a location of your choice and start shooting.  Our area is so gorgeous that every background is the perfect backdrop whether you're at the beach, a park, or downtown Wilmington.  I can always offer suggestions.

Most places are best to shoot in the hour before sunset but with small children it's sometimes better to work on their schedule, and that works for me. 

Sunrise, sunset and all the smiles in between.

A NOTE ABOUT EDITING: There’s a big debate in the photography world about retouching.  Everyone varies on their ideas of what is considered to be acceptable editing.  I personally love Photoshop and things I can do with it.   In my family photos, I always edit out acne, "fat arm", and even out that spray tan that's flaking(true story) etc..  With how much our technology has advanced, why not?  So, I will be editing your photos.  Not in a Kate Winslet-GQ-change-your-body-shape sort of way, but more in a I-don’t-want-you-to-remember-your-zit sort of way.  And yes, retouching is always included.