The Ricker Family

I've photographed the Ricker family before - once when Amanda was still pregnant and then Kellen's newborn photos.  This time our plan was to meet at the beach in Surf City.  Unfortunately when we got there the wind had picked up to an insane speed and was whipping sand around.  Luckily I got there early and had a few alternate locations in mind.

As long as we were at the beach, we let the kids run out their excitement and got some candid photos as well as one of my favorites, the family walking along the beach.


One of the places I had scouted out earlier was a goofy golf/ice cream shop just beyond the beach, and out of the wind.  I love love love the colored fencing they had, so fun and upbeat.


I always like to get individual portraits of the kids and then shots of each kid with each parent.  It's something they'll love to have years from now.


Always lots of fun to work with this family ;)