Lindsey's Bridal Shoot at Old River Farms

I've known Lindsey for a long time and she has modeled for me on many occasions, from my own personal projects to practice bridal shoots so when she called me for her ACTUAL bridal shoot, I was stoked.  As a model, I knew she would have a memorable dress, great accessories and poses for days.  She had an idea going into it and wanted to find a greenhouse.  After some emails and phone calls, I found the perfect place.  Old River Farms.  Not only did they have a greenhouse, they also had silos, a barn and fields for days. 

We met a couple of hours before sunset and and I helped her get dressed, plus carry her dress around.  Since this was her actual wedding gown, we had to be extra careful.  Our first stop after the restroom, was what I like to call the petting zoo.  It just happened to be on the way to the greenhouses. 


The silos also stood between us and the greenhouses.  I love the silos!! I even climbed inside of one of them for the perfect frame.


There was 4 greenhouses we could use, 4! And we used all of them... They were all worth the time since every one had different plants and a different look.


Once we saw the barn we couldn't pass it up.  Old River Farms actually does host weddings which is why this barn is so pinterest-worthy.   So if you're in the Wilmington area and looking to have a  barn wedding, look them up!

Some of my favorite photos of the day came from the barn.  These silhouettes... 


The sunset wasn't going to be exactly what we wanted but there's always a way to work around that.  If the clouds want to be a giant soft box, I can work with that. All I need is one light ;)


Congratulations Lindsey! And thanks for choosing me for your bridal portraits!!!