Amanda's Maternity and Family Shoot

Amanda knew this third baby was her last so she wanted to capture photos of her gorgeous glow and of course the rest of her beautiful family.  I always ask if my client has a particular location in mind and she did.  A couple of phone calls and we had Poplar Grove Plantation booked for an evening shoot. 

I always get to my locations early and had a route planned out to work our way around the grounds.  Super important for evening light and especially smaller subjects. You never want to back track with kids, they'll lose interest.


Sometimes it takes a little for the youngest ones to warm up to the camera so I'll often start with them, then give them a break.  This gave me some time to focus on Amanda and her glowing belly.  PS, I love her denim dress.


Another important aspect of family shoots is the original couple.  I find a lot of times once parents have kids, they never get photos alone anymore.  I invited her husband over to get some shots of just the two of them.  Then I zoomed out for the best family shot I think I've ever taken.  I love the kids climbing allover the fence.  Truly a family shot!


With the kids warmed up and used to me, it was time to get the full family shots, and the smiles were finally coming out of the youngest ones.  


More smiles from our young subjects ;)


I let the kids run wild again while I captured a few more images of Amanda. Poplar Grove Plantation has so many great backdrops.


What a great family - I can't wait to meet their newest addition in a few weeks!