Michelle & Austin's Golf Course Engagement

When Michelle contacted me with the idea of a golf course engagement shoot, I said yes! 

I love a new environment! Her fiance Austin was a golf pro at the Olde Point Golf course in Hampstead so we would have access to the entire golf course.  I arrived about an hour and a half before sunset so we could meet at the golf carts and head out to their favorite spots. 


If you've read my blog, or seen my images, you know I love sun flare. 

Sun flare, long shadows and shallow depth of field also gives me some elements that I can incorporate graphic design into.  There's no way I could write on a golf ball that perfectly.


Riding on the golf cart also gave a unique perspective to shoot through the back.  Don't worry we stopped to take these images... no kissing while driving lol.


Since there are so many trees on a golf course, the shady areas gave me a chance to incorporate my own lighting.  One speed light is all I really ever need.  

(Side note: I came 3 inches from lying in goose poop.  Sometimes I get so distracted with the shot I'm going for that I overlook what's right below me.  I definitely dodged a bullet there. )


Touring around gave the sun a chance to set and the colors of the sky to change so we could get one more unique look from our fantastic shoot location.


Below is my favorite image from the day! Congratulations Michelle & Austin!