The Awkward Friends Holiday Photo - 2014 Version

We know Daniella and her husband Matt not just because we shot their wedding last year but we also shot their Awkward Friends Photo in 2013.  As you can probably guess this is based loosely on the Awkward Family Photo book.  But they do it up big.  Last years theme was American Denim, this year she messaged me to let me know they would be going with a Ski School theme.  Yes! I love the 90's and any horribly wonderful film made at that time.  

They always show up ready to go - Aquanet, fluorescents and all! I shot them against a white seamless backdrop and then they pretty much let me have creative freedom with the backgrounds.  They'll give me suggestions and then I search Google for theme appropriate clipart.  I gave them over 50 images, all of which make me laugh, but below you can see some of my favorites. 

We started with the group shots. They always ask for direction, but honestly, they don't need it.


Next we shot couples.  They wanted to look like they were on a ski lift so I pulled out a wooden chest for them to sit on.


And every year we do individuals.  This year made me really feel like "Glamour Shots by Deb".


And here's just a few more of my favorites.  Happy Holidays!