The 1/6 Homecoming - The Walsh Family

Kristin contacted me about a week before her husband was scheduled to come home.  We were happy to go up to Camp LeJeune to photograph the event.  Their son was born just two days before Matt was deployed so it had been 9 months since he had seen her or her son.  We got up there early because homecomings are never at a guaranteed time.  So we took advantage of the time we had to wait and got some shots of Kristin and her son together with the signs around the base, then we ate cookies and drank Kool-Aid while we waited for the buses.  (I forgot how good Kool-Aid is.)  It's always very humbling to be a part of a homecoming.  The time that these people sacrifice away from their families is huge and I couldn't imagine being away from Danny for that long.  But we have been pretty much attached at the hip for the past 12 years.  


Thanks for letting us be a part of your day!