Catching up - New mom life - And cell phone pics

2015 was the year of change for the Piccinin-Alvarez household.  Amongst the many weddings and family portrait sessions, we brought a baby into the world.  I shot our last wedding of the spring at 34 weeks and shot our first family session of the summer just 2 weeks after his arrival so some things fell through the cracks, like this blog.  With our son in tow for this ride of life, I know our new theme for life will be "catching up" while time inevitably flies by.  So here's to catching up!  Tonight, I tell you why I'm behind(uhh, its the baby).  Later in the week, I'll catch you up on my 2015 work.  

But for now here's Oliver! The beginning...


My husband and I planned to shoot my maternity portraits at 37 weeks.  The day of our scheduled shoot I was sent to the hospital due to high blood pressure.  It was confirmed that I had preeclampsia and it was time to induce.  Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy to have a healthy baby but as a photographer I was crushed that I wouldn't get my pretty beach belly shoot.  Luckily I have are my cell phone  images that at least track the progress of my growing belly.  Lesson learned: Schedule my belly shoot earlier in the next pregnancy! 

Our chunky monkey was born on May 23 and has become my most favorite subject. We were given a classic set of blocks and those have been one of my favorite props to show his age in his monthly shoots.  He doesn't always enjoy his photo shoots but I love his fussy faces too.  I call them emotion wrinkles.


While I love to pull out my 'big' camera and lights for his photo shoots, they're are not always handy or time conducive.  I find my phone to be a huge help in capturing his growing face and super cute outfits.  I like to find a receiving blanket (aka spit rag) that coordinates with his onesie of the hour and lay out a portrait.  I think it's important to be square above him so I can get the attention of his giant eyes.  I NEVER use the flash on my phone.  Instead I will either move to a window or turn on all the lights in the room.  My LG G3 is pretty good but it can't take a clear picture in dim light and the flash on my phone creates a harsh light that usually makes him squint.


These portraits have been a huge theme on my instagram account and make a great timeline printed out in his photo album.  Since I would literally be snapping like 20 pics in a row(to capture all those emotions of course) I had plenty of leftover pics and I found I enjoyed them in a series as well which is where my piccollage account became important.  When I was still breastfeeding I would use some of that time to play with those images in either instagram or piccollage.  So I guess that's one more breastfeeding bonus; a free hand for cell phone picture management. 


I really really hope he doesn't get tired of the camera(fingers crossed) and I hope I've given you a few tips for taking quick daily pics of your little ones.