Sarah & Bradford's Wonderfully Classic Wedding

We do so many beach weddings, I'm referring to this one as classic.  What I remember from going to weddings as a child - a big awesome church and a short drive to a reception hall.  A nice change from the sand in my shoes, lol.  


I always google our locations and try to do a drive by to get a feel of the place but nothing could have prepared me for how amazing both venues were.  We started off at St James Episcopal church on 3rd street.  This church is amazing.  Mazes of hallways and basement chapels and stairways and belltowers! What more could I ask for?  

The guys were all given pipes as their groom presents so we made use of them.  In a room that resembled a library and should have smelled of leather and wisdom.  The guys really got into it and I love these pics, and how all the groomsmen took such great direction.


Back through the maze of the church to find the ladies. I loved the red carpet and large mirrors.  Her shoes were so glam as were the pearls, her gift from Bradford.


During the ceremony we weren't allowed to use flashes or be on the main floor.  Not my first time with these limitations. (We try not to use flashes during the ceremony since I don't want to distract from the important part - the wedding.)   We grabbed as many pics as we could before they shut the back doors and then hiked up the stairs to the choir pit to put on our long lenses and keep snapping.  


When the ceremony was over we got the family shots in the main chapel and then I grabbed Sarah and Bradford and brought them up to the bell tower.  This shot will be in my favorites for years to come!


For the reception, we headed across town to The Terraces at Sir Tyler - another fabulous venue.  Set on the third floor, this reception hall has beautiful lighting, an outdoor terrace and something not many other people would notice - green emergency exit signs.  So much easier to disguise in editing than those garish bright red ones.  They also had some fabulous stairways to work with.  


Their favor for their guests was hershey kisses - one of my favorite snacks.  I also thought they would be a great setup for the essential ring shot. 


I loved all their hand written signs.  So Pinterest worthy!


I think this is the craziest couple I've seen yet with the cake.  The penguins are so cute and they went all out at the cutting/feeding! Lol.


Time for the bouquet and garter toss.  Remarkably enough, the 'winner's' happened to already be engaged and we're shooting their wedding next month! Very Excited for the happy couple.  (That same thing happened to Danny and I at one of our friends weddings.)


Another fabulous shot we captured at this wedding was a creative one that took a lot of cooperation.  Four of the bridal party was required to each spell out a letter, backwards, with a sparkler and Danny had to set off a light at the very last moment of this long exposure.  The most complicated letter in this scenario had to be the E and Sarah's sister did an excellent job, as did everyone else. 


Last but certainly not least was the sparkler sendoff.  It always hard to tell whether it's better to be at the beginning or the end of the line but that's where 2 shooters come in handy. 


And let's not forget about the photo booth.  It was there to capture the personalities of their friends and family.  And they had plenty of personality!


And a theme emerged throughout the night - not sure where it started but it's a funny one!


CONGRATULATIONS to Sarah & Bradford!!!