End of Summer Family Shoots

Well, summer's over! But not without a last push of family portraits.  The recent weeks have been busy with families, all on vacation, soaking up the last rays before school started again.  Vacation is a great time to schedule a shoot.  Everyone's relaxed after a day at the beach.  There's no commutes, no deadlines + everyone has a nice tan.  When I was a kid, we would drive from Windsor, Ontario to Carolina Beach every summer.  The 16 hour drive in a car with 5 other humans was long and cramped but totally worth it.  Lucky for us, my Dad was quite the photographer and always brought his camera + the telephoto lens.  Smile!  

With my family photo sessions, we schedule an hour time slot.  This gives us time to get a more formal posed look as well as candids.  I usually start with a formal portrait while the little ones are totally into it.  They will lose interest, they're kids.  We'll walk to another area and capture candids along the way, this gives them a little break.  And no worries if everyone can't get their eyes to the camera at once.  I use the magic of photoshop to make it happen.



Surf City Family Portraits

After spending our last few shoots re-scheduling due to rain or extreme wind, it was nice to have the weather cooperate.  However, we had one little guy who did not want his picture taken.  So I had to be quick and clever.  Quick comes with the three or so shots I fire off at each formal pose.  This ensures I've got everyone looking in 1 of 3 that I can stitch together.  Clever comes from the candids.  Hide behind people or give my second camera to Danny so he can grab a few when attention is diverted by a willing adult.  But I have to say I really enjoyed his I-don't-want-to-do-this face.



Family Shoot at Private Rental in North Topsail

I got a message while we were on our way to North Topsail Beach that they had another family staying with them that also wanted photos.  Could it happen?  No problem, I can do it.  We gave them slightly different setups within the same basic location.  With small children this worked out well, it gave each family a chance to run around between setups and plenty of chances for me to grab candids.  Have I mentioned how much I love sun flare?



Family Portraits in Landfall's Temple Gardens

We had been discussing beach portraits but eventually decided to shoot within Landfall.  I was super excited for this.  I love to check out the gorgeous homes in this gated community.  The grounds are so well kept and the architecture is so, forgive me saying this, soap opera awesome.  As we were driving in, I kept naming the homes to Danny - classic Adam Chandler's, glamourous Erica Kane's, sensible Tad's.  (I watched aLOT of All My Children with my mom growing up.  In fact we all did, at lunch-on vacation-in Carolina Beach.)  

So anyway, we met at Temple Garden in Landfall and of course there were plenty of beautifully manicured gardens to use as our backdrops.  This meant we could quickly get large groups and small groups with plenty of variation just by moving to the left or right.  

They also wanted some shots by the water.  Danny and I had driven around to scout out locations for that so we suggested a small park with a clearing to the water/sunset.  It also had this sweet twisted tree that we were able to use even though it was getting dark.  With groups that have older children, it's much much easier to arrange more dynamic poses.  (2 year olds just can't sit still, my niece is super fast.)  


Thanks to everyone for choosing us to capture your family portraits!